Getting Started

Dance Schools Melbourne

We offer and will book you in an obligation free, complimentary lesson in one of the most interesting dance schools in Melbourne, so that you can experience our friendly, fun atmosphere for yourself. This is a 45 minute private lesson, to meet one of our friendly and highly qualified dance instructors, they will explain to you about our lessons and how they are conducted. Our Melbourne based dance school instructor will also familiarize you with the studio before teaching you a few simple dance steps to show you how easy and fun it is to learn at Rythemics School of Dance. Once you are happy with your experience at our school, then we will enroll you on an introductory program customized to your own personal dancing needs.

Introductory program for a single person
3 private lessons      
7 group lessons         
1 dance party pass of 10 lessons = $300
Introductory program for a couple
5 private lessons       
12 group lessons      
2 dance party passes … of 17 lessons = $500

As we work through this program, we help you relax and learn steadily at your own pace. If necessary, repeat through the relevant steps or dances several times until you become totally familiar with the move and dances. Some of the most important steps and information are included in the introductory program. Everyone needs time. To ensure you make progress in your dancing, will take commitment, application and as much practice as possible but the rewards can deeply enrich your quality of life in so many varied and worthwhile ways. And the great thing is that it’s so much fun! So, enjoy this introductory program with some of the world’s most popular dances and remember the sooner you learn to dance, the longer you’ll have to enjoy it. It won’t be long before you, like so many of our other students, have become completely dance crazy!

Call us on 03 9328 3637 during the opening hours of the dance school or send an email with your contact details to book your complementary lesson.