Wedding Dances

At Rythemics we specialize in teaching people to dance for their wedding, to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. We customize our wedding dance lessons in Melbourne to suit your needs so whatever you have in mind for the day, we can help you. For those who have never stepped onto the dance floor before and are not sure where to begin we can guide you through each step, helping you to choose the right style of dance to best reflect the mood of the occasion and your personalities, as well as selecting music and teaching you the dance steps in a fun and easy manner so you can enjoy the whole experience. Alternatively if you already have a clear idea of the dance or music you would like, we can assist you in making your dream a reality.

If you have the luxury of a little more time we can teach you a number of dance styles through your wedding dance lessons to dance the night away, a skill you can enjoy for the rest of your lives together, or if you are pressed for time and you have just remembered that you need to learn to dance we can put together a few simple steps in a matter of hours. Whatever your requirements and whatever your level of ability we will create a dance especially for you and your needs.

To begin, we book you in for a complimentary lesson giving you the opportunity to meet with one of our qualified instructors and see the fun and friendly atmosphere our studio provides. They will take some time to find out your requirements and the particulars of the occasion, and then teach you a few simple steps to show you how fun and easy it is to learn at Rythemics School of Dance. Once you are happy with your experience we will then enroll you on program of lessons that best suits your needs.

Call us on 03 9328 3637 during the opening hours or send an email with your contact details to book your complementary lesson.