Street Latin

Street Latin dances also known as Club Latin dances. Unlike most of the other dance schools who teach only one, two or three dances, Rythemics Melbourne offers five Street Latin dances in its programs. Mambo and Swing are included in programs along with Salsa, Merengue and Tango Argentino.

Fans of Street Latin dancing often notice a similarity between the Latin American dance styles and Street Latin dances. This is because the dances all originate from the same Cuban source, finding their roots in Latin American countries.

The characteristic, style and techniques in Street Latin dances are less structured than international Latin American dances. So, some students might find this style is much easier to learn and dance at first as a beginner.

Street Latin dances are many things to many people. Within this style, there are many dances from which to choose to suit the mood of the moment. The passionate Mambo, the sensual and tantalizing Salsa, the sexiness of Merengue or Ebullience of Swing. Despite its reputation as a melancholy dance, Tango Argentino may capture all these moods and more. So, here you too have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of these wonderful styles of dances.

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