Together with the Latin American dances and Street Latin styles, the Modern Ballroom dances form the basis of our dance programs. Courses and classes generally include all these styles and all the styles are usually featured at party nights. At Rythemics ballroom dancing Melbourne, we teach Social Foxtrot, Social Tango, Waltz and Quickstep first in order to develop basic skills of students. With that experience, the Modern Tango (English Tango) and Slow Foxtrot will then be approached from a position of strength.

The media often misrepresents Modern Ballroom dancing as very formal and perhaps even a little stuffy. In reality, the dances themselves are neither. Dances are merely patterns of movements performed to a musical rhythm. It is the dancers and the occasion which define how formal or informal the dancing event. In our experience, the vast majority of dancers are fun people who live life and just want a great time, getting out there onto the dance floor to enjoy themselves. If not already, you too will be one of them.

For those with busy or erratic lifestyles, private lessons included with group lessons offer a cost-effective and convenient way of tailoring tuition to the dancer’s individual requirements. For further details, call us on 03-93283637, 12pm to 9pm Monday to Friday.

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