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Dance Lessons Melbourne :: Dance Classes Melbourne

At Rythemics dance classes and lessons Melbourne the most internationally popular dances are brought together in a practical and easily understandable way. Our dance styles are divided into four sections, Street Latin, Latin American, Modern Ballroom and New Vogue with a minimum of five dances taught in each style. Whatever your dance needs or individual preferences, the huge variety of dances ensures that there is something to suit you.

Our vision is not only to teach step patterns, styling, technique or how to lead and follow, but also to ensure that students enjoy the dancing, the music, the mood, the atmosphere and of course the social life. You do not need to be a good dancer to start learning at Rythemics, dancing is accessible here to everyone irrespective of age or ability.

At Rythemics dance lessons and classes Melbourne, our friendly, patient and thoughtful instructors are not only qualified in Ballroom or Latin American styles, but also in other dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Classical dance. These diverse range of skills allow our staff to identify student’s strengths and weaknesses in no time and teach them in the easiest possible way, so that everyone feels learning to dance is fun and easy.

Finally, here at Rythemics, dancing is an integral part of our lifestyle. We believe that dancing is the most artistic of social pastimes. Dancing is not only a reflection of us, but is a basic expression of our business itself. While anyone’s initial motivation to dance is often a social one, once past that stage of actually learning to dance, we help our students find in the music, the atmosphere and the dance, the opportunity to take on a new persona.